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Public Announcement

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This is an update regarding the construction of our new Arsenic Treatment Facility on Jessup Road. The new plant is almost 100% complete. Testing and calibration of all instrumentation and equipment is presently taking place. Once this work is complete, a seven-day and a thirty-day test of the effectiveness and efficiency of the arsenic removal will take place. After successfully performing these tests, the District will request permission from the State Waterboard to provide the treated potable water to our residents.

The District is very pleased with our water treatment facility and will be having a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate this accomplishment. This activity will be scheduled for a Saturday morning and will be attended by our Board of Directors, invited guests from other jurisdictions and hopefully, as many interested Keyes residents as possible. The exact location, date and time will be announced and advertised later.

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Ernie Garza

KCSD General Manager