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Community Info

Keyes has a Community Center that is located at 5506 Jennnie Avenue. The Police Activity League sponsors a daily childrens program at the site. 

We also have a Library located at 5506 Jennie Avenue. The contact number is 209-664-8006.


The Fire Department is located at 5625 7th Street the non emergency number is 209-634-7690.


The Keyes Elementary School is located at 5670 7th Street and the contact number is 209-667-1660. We also have a Charter School and you can get information for that at the Elementary School.


Keyes Head Start is located at 4621 Nunes Road and the contact number is 209-656-2388.


Keyes Middle School (Spratling ) is located at 5277 Washington Road and the contact number 209-664-3833.

Keyes Post Office is located at 5655 7th Street. The contact number for the Post Office is 209-634-1205.