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Street Lights

Ordinance 2010-3
The County of Stanislaus is now collecting our Street Light Fees on the Tax Roll. For the next few years there will be a rate increase as follows:


2012/2013 Assessment Year -       $48.74
2013/2014 Assessment Year -       $49.88
Subsequent Assessment Years - $51.09

The Keyes Lighting District added five 5 new lights in 2011 and added 8 new lights in 2012. We are going to be adding an additional 13 metal poles.  Keyes Community Service District has replaced 4 High Pressure Sodium fixtures.  What we plan on doing is replacing 113 High Pressure Sodium light fixtures and installing 36 metal street light poles in place of old wooden poles.  We are also going to install metal street light poles in dark spots where they are too far apart that will help with visibility.