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The Keyes Community Services District has a contract with the City Of Turlock to ship the District's wastewater to the City of Turlock's Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City of Turlock charges the District a certain amount of money for the amount of wastewater that is shipped to their treatment plant. This amount varies from the time of the year due to rain water or people overwatering their lawns and the drain off into the storm drains.

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It is the Public's responsibility to make sure if they have a problem with their lines backing up to call a plumber to make sure it is their line that is plugged up. If the plumber determines that the customer's line is not the problem then they are to call the Keyes CSD phone line and an on-call maintenance person will come and check the problem out. The maintenance department does not unplug drains on the customers property if it is their problem. We have a maintenance person on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Monthly Flat Rate Charges

Single Family               $64.23

Multi Family                 $51.39

Mobile Home               $51.39

Commercial-Low       $64.23

Commercial-Med       $111.28

Commercial-High      $166.67

Schools                          $1,816.67