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Typical House Sewer Connection

May contain: housing and building

The Keyes CSD only maintains the Districts mains, the lateral or side sewer from the home or business out to the Districts main (see photo), is considered private and the responsibility of the property owner. 

If you have a sewer backup and you or your plumber suspect the problem is not in your lateral, you can call us at 209-668-8341, Maintenance crews are available to respond to your sewer service problems seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you call after 5 p.m. you will be routed through to on-call personnel..The Keyes CSD has a "Call Us First" policy, which helps the District and the property owner determine if a sewer blockage problem is within the Districts mainline. A Keyes CSD crew will determine if the Districts system is functioning properly or within your privately maintained line. If the District’s mainline is not plugged, you may need a plumber.