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General Manager Letter to the Community of Keyes


Keyes Community Services District

5601 7th Street, P O Box 699

Keyes, Ca. 95328



There were a few projects completed and started by the District for the year 2019. We started the year with on-going construction work on the Arsenic Treatment Facility located on Jessup Road. Even though there are still punch list items that need to be corrected and/or addressed by the construction contractor, the water filtration plant is fully operational and is providing treated water to our community. The Arsenic Treatment Facility dedication was held onsite on August 31, 2019.  

The Consolidation Project managed by Blackwater Engineering from Modesto was put out to bid and was awarded to Teichert Construction before the end of 2018. This project consisted of the installation of a combined total of approximately 2.5 miles of 10-inch and 12-inch water mains needed to consolidate five small water systems. This allowed the District to provide treated water to Countryside Mobile Home Estates, Green Run Mobile Estates, Mobile Plaza Home Park, Orchard Village and Faith Home Teen Ranch. Approximately two hundred (200) additional monthly rate payers have been added to help pay for the improvements to our potable water distribution and treatment system.

Northstar Engineering is presently overseeing the earthwork taking place at Keyes 19 North & South subdivision that is located north of Nunes and west of Washington Road. Ninety-one (91) residential units are to be built starting early this year. An additional twenty-six (26) residential units are to be constructed on Norma Way.

Maintenance workers have been busy replacing and upgrading water meters with new ORION Cellular LTE endpoints. The new software and training will be provided by National Meter Company as work on this project progresses.

Other tasks, items, issues and concerns that were discussed during monthly Board meetings but have not been completed are as follows:

Our District Engineer Lee Fremming reported that he is finalizing the bid documents and specifications for the construction of the sewer lift station replacement project at the Foote Road location. The District has obtained a Conditional Use Permit from Stanislaus County so that this work can take place.

Alfonso Manrique from Gouveia Engineering is continuing work on the 1,2,3-TCP Proposition-1 application to the State. The District has also applied for grant funding to install Granular Activated Carbon equipment at the wells to remove the TCP from our domestic water supply.

The District is to continue with the installation of street lights throughout the community. The biggest challenge is the installation of ten (10) street lights on 10th street between Christine and Grace Avenues. Not having all the necessary equipment and workforce to complete this task, the District has solicited bids through a public bid process. Once this project is awarded, the work should begin within the next few weeks. Additional work on the streetlights throughout the community will continue using a prepared plan that was submitted by utilities maintenance supervisor Mike Jones.

The construction plans to expand the District office and maintenance building by adding a new office, conference room and storage area have been recently completed. Additional work to modify existing office space by moving walls will take place shortly. A canopy and flagpole are to be installed later.

I would like to invite the public to attend our meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 1:00 p.m.  The meetings are held at 5601 7th Street, Keyes, Ca.  at The District office.


Respectfully submitted,

Ernie Garza